# Acupuncture

Graduation - It's Official!!

So....  Graduation happened on Saturday 21 October :-).  Very proud moment - enabling me to be able to reach out and heal through the astounding and inspiring practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  Visit the Fact Sheet Page to see some of the conditions Acupuncture can help manage.

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Therepeutic Massage - Starting Mid-November

Sam will soon be undergoing further training which will enable her to be in a position to offer THEREPEUTIC MASSAGE separately from Acupuncture.  She will be offering stand-alone massage therapy - appointments will be available from Middle of November (date to be confirmed nearer the time).  Once certification is in place a massage deal will be offered - SUBMIT your name and e-mail address in the subscribe link below to keep up to date with all discount offers.

Bookings will be taken from 1st week of November! See you soon.

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