Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA) / Cosmetic Acupuncture

Offering a gentle, natural, anti-ageing treatment, which not only aims to rejuvenate the skin but also to revitalise the internal body too?  Ideal for anyone, male or female who is interested in managing the skins ageing process WITHOUT the use of harmful toxins and/or long-lasting abrasive trauma!

Sam Parsons has completed training in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture to the highest standard with Paul Adkins creator of FACIALENHANCE® and is now a registered and fully insured member of FACIALENHANCE®. I can also be found on 'Cosmetic Acupuncture UK' website.

How does FEA work?   Specific facial acupuncture points are needled using fine needles which activate various facial muscles.  This process increases circulation of blood and lymph to the area/activated muscle resulting in a lifting effect.  Thereafter, extremely fine, intradermal needles ranging from 3mm to 6mm in length are gently inserted into lines and wrinkles on specific areas of the face, agreed by the patient, causing a micro-trauma to the area which stimulates the production of collagen and gently fills out the line/wrinkle.   

How long does it take?  Each treatment lasts between 90 - 120 minutes.  The effects of treatment are cumulative and will increase as the treatments continue.  For optimal results it is recommended that a course of at least 10 treatments.

Recommended Schedule for 10 treatments:

Week 1 - 3     =    2 treatments / week = 6 treatments in total

Week 4 & 5     =    1 treatment / week = 2 treatments in total

Week 6 & 7   =    1 treatment / 14 days - 2 treatments in total

Once the course of treatment is complete monthly individual sessions / top-ups can be bought.

Pricing can be found on the PRICES page*.  I offer a FREE 20 minute consultation to see if Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is right for you via telephone or face-to-face at my treatment room (the latter should be pre-booked). - See CONTACT page.